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CentCom Officer
Access: All
Difficulty: ADMIN
Supervisors: Central Command
Duties: Observe the station, conduct investigations, fire the Colony Director on occasion.
Guides: No external guides.

You are in the direct service of Central Command. As a CentCom Officer, your job may vary with whatever is currently needed, but is generally to help your assigned station by either directly observing day-to-day affairs, or conducting covert investigations against staff members with a record of poor conduct.

Sometimes you'll also do fun things like organize parties for VIP visits, or hand out Medals, but in any case you're there to be a tool of the company's administration.

The Boss's Boss

You outrank everyone on the station. This is both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, you outrank Colony Directors, Emergency Response Teams, and even Asset Protection must bend to your whim (although they won't like it). Your only equals are other CentCom Officers, and your only direct superiors are higher ranked individuals at CentCom its self, such as the the CentCom Chief Officers.

On the other hand, because you outrank literally everyone, if you abuse this, you will make a lot of people not want to do their job because somebody higher up is available to blame when things go wrong. You will also be the first person people will complain to because most crew don't understand how to follow the Chain of Command, so they will automatically skip to the highest ranked person around to fix all of their tedious problems.

As such, the reason CentCom doesn't deploy its CentCom officers regularly to the station crew is because it actually severely hampers productivity. So long as you are present though, you have a strict policy that you are expected to follow.

Contacting Central Command

Anyone can contact Central Command at any time by using a simple fax machine. Some heads of staff also have access to an emergency transponder in the command console for incidents that require live support, but if a CentCom officer isn't actively listening to the station's comms, this may go unheard.

Fax is the best way to get into contact for something that's new, the emergency transponder is best for things that are ongoing.

Note, faxes are also sent to the admin channel on Discord. Even if no admins are online, we can still read faxes. Think of it as an in character admin-help button.

Your Equipment

You get a CentCom PDA, a CentCom ID with all access to everything the company owns, including CentCom its self, a CentCom headset with access to all company radio channels including ERT, and a spiffy CentCom uniform.

However, remember that the pen is mightier than the energy sword. Write down anything worth noting and keep it with you until you can fax your superiors back at Central Command, or take the documents home with you by yourself. You also may occasionally be equipped with a weapon for self defense but this is usually at the preference of individual observers. (For admins, that means you get to ass-spawn ONE weapon when you arrive. Make it count, but be reasonable.)

Non-Interference Policy

If you decide to play a CC Officer, you absolutely need to remember this policy. Failing to do so will make you look like a staff member who doesn't know the policies you enforce and result in other staff yelling at you later if somebody complains.

When you come to the station as a Central Command Officer, you follow a strict Non-Interference Policy. As such, unless whatever you are dealing with pertains directly to the purpose of your visit, you are not to interfere with anything that is happening, no matter how badly things are going wrong. By interfering, you take responsibility for a crisis upon yourself, while the people who normally should have been responsible now can't be fairly punished for their negligence because you got in the way.

Your job is not to just sit around all day and have people come to complain at you. If that is what you wanted to spend your work day doing, you should just stay at CentCom and wait for an Internal Affairs Agent to fax you. Instead, your presence on the station should have a predefined purpose, and a set goal.

Here are some of the things you might do as a CentCom Officer:

  • Aid in the transfer of high value prisoners from NanoTrasen to the USDF, such as terrorists, or pirates.
  • Greet VIPs who are visiting the station.
  • Instruction seminars for the crew.
  • Oversee executions.
  • Perform safety inspections of the station.
  • Punish head of staffs like the Colony Director, up to and including termination of employment.
  • Serve as a neutral mediator between ambassadors of SolGov and any alien civilizations that might exist on the edge of the galactic frontier.
  • Testing and/or distribution of new standard equipment.
  • Etc.

The Thin Metagaming Line

A CentCom Officer is usually an admin's way of dealing with in-character disputes that should stay in-character. However, because you are in-character, the character doesn't necessarily know everything you know OOCly, such as attack logs, things people said, etc. Unlike an admin, the CentCom officer doesn't have access to server logs, so they must find evidence on their own. As a result, they might make mistakes, play favorites, be bias, fail to find the bad guy, etc... Ideally you should never be banned for something that was only in-character. If you broke actual server Rules, the admins wouldn't bother using a CentCom officer to tell you so. They would just sent a private message to scold you, or ban you.

If a CentCom Officer is how the admins choose to deal with something, then rejoice, because it probably means nobody is getting banned right now because whatever went wrong was still interesting enough to warrant the plot not being disrupted.

This is the only time admins are allowed to play favorites or have biases, but as with all things, if you think this privilege is being abused, you should contact other admins to express your disapproval. The only reason this is allowed is because nepotism in the work place is something that happens in real life, so it's interesting to emulate this conflict of interests in the story environment. Just don't. Fucking don't. Given this is an admin-only job with the authority to do pretty much anything and is meant to have an admin's objectivity to all situations, this has to be one of the one of the most idiotic policies I've ever seen. This is not a job you should be playing as a typical roleplaying character and playing favorites is a good way to earn justified metahate.

Tips You Need to Read to Not Get Yelled at from Other Staff

  • This is not a vore/ERP job. Don't use it for this purpose.
  • The majority of the time, this job should be used for events only. You may use it for impromptu events or responding to certain faxes but rarely should show up otherwise.
  • Don't show up unannounced. Your presence makes players nervous and generally lowers the quality of the round.
  • Act as professionally in character as you would out of character. You are staff and players are very aware of this. If you want to stick with the uncaring, corner-cutting, incompetent corporate overlord theme typically used for Central Command just use faxes and Central Command updates.
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