Command Secretary

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Command Secretary
Access: Bridge
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Heads of Staff
Duties: Doing paperwork and errands for heads of staff.
Guides: No guides for this position yet.

Welcome to the bridge. As a command secretary you’ll have the joy and pleasure of serving the crew by serving the command staff. Grab a doughnut, read over your standard operating procedures booklet, and sit back in your comfy office chair while you think of creative ways you can help out the crew.


As a command secretary you have direct access to command staff and will find many ways to assist them. You’ll run errands, give them company, interface with other crew members on their behalf.

Alternate Titles

Command Liaison, Command Assistant, Command Intern, Bridge Secretary, and Bridge Assistant


As a command secretary you have access to the bridge, including the meeting room and most importantly your office. There you will find several employment records PCUs along with standard office equipment such as pens, paper bins, folders, a filing cabinet to store your reports and filled out forms, and most importantly a box of doughnuts.


There are only a few things you’re responsible for in this position and the main one is assisting the heads of staff with anything they might need. This can range from doing paperwork on their behalf to fetching them a cup of coffee and anything else they might think of.

A command secretary should be familiar with the standard operating procedures as well even though they have no authority to enforce them.