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"They say you should never mix pleasure and business, well, I'm proof that those claims are clearly false. Pleasure is business, the only business that's worth a damn in life and everyone knows it." - Maximilian Keppel, CMO of Gilthari Exports.

Gilthari Exports is the largest producer of alcohol and luxury items in known space. Look at most brands of cigarettes, alcohol, snack food, etc. and you'll see the stamp of Gilthari or one of their subsidiaries. They also have a large ring of casinos, sign numerous actors and musicians, and have a large publishing firm. Behind all the glitz and glamor, though, and you'll find that Gilthari exports also has their hand in the excavation and exploitation of ancient alien technology. These technologies and their use of them have solidified their state as part of the big List of Trans-Stellar Corporations for many years to come.


Corporation History

Gilthari Exports started as a small antiques shop over 300 years ago in a rural town on Earth. When the advent of space travel became a reality for Adriana Gilthari, she jumped on the first shuttle for Mars and soon started to expand her business into recreational ventures and dive bars aboard Mars. By the end of her life, she was in control of most of the highly profitable ventures on mars and had the wealth to pass down her legacy. Throughout the coming years, Gilthari Exports continued to invest in colonization efforts and opening up new venues for success. However, it was not until one of their colonization efforts found a massive store of precursor artifacts that the company grew into a mega-power. With the exploitation of these new devices, Gilthari Exports was able to create luxury products that would outsell everyone else at an unfair advantage. The company soon spread across the galaxy, expanding into new ventures all the time.

Modern Day

Gilthari maintains a large presence in most human areas of space to oversee their investments. Most of their colonization efforts are in search of new stocks of alien artifacts and devices from the precursors. Due to the high prevalence of artifacts in the area in Nyx, they have been attempting to gain a presence there for quite some time but have been delayed due to the entrenched nature of the residents there. Despite it all, they have a fairly good relation with the other List of Trans-Stellar Corporations due to them regularly making use of their products.