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Research and Development

This is the bread and butter of science. The science department can hardly do anything without Research and Development being set up.
Research and Development primarily uses the 4 Machines that are set up next to each other the entrance to the Science Department. (Core RnD Console, Destructive Analyzer, Protolathe, and Circuit Imprinter)
This page is to be a comprehensive guide so a new or seasoned player could refer to either get started or to look up what can be researched, what level is needed to print, and how to get to the maximum research levels.


Here is a link to a spreadsheet that (will eventally) has all available items that are printable in the protolathe, circuit imprinter, exosuit fabricator, prosthetic fabricator, and all items that have origin tech levels for the destructive analyzer. LINK REDACTED FOR EDITS.

Core RnD Console

This computer console will allow you to access the three other devices attached to it. The three devices should be automatically linked to the console at the start of the round. The console has a number of settings which do various things:

Main Menu

This is where you will start on the Core RnD console when you first click it. If you are not on this page and wish to be on it, there is an option always present in the top left of the device labeled MAIN MENU click it to return to this menu.

  • This menu has a number of clickable options that allow you to navigate the RnD Console. The options are as follows: Current Research Levels, View Researched Technologies, Disk Operations, Destructive Analyzer Menu, Protolathe Menu, Circuit Imprinter Menu, and Settings.

Current Research Levels

Clicking this shows the current levels of research stored in the console. Research levels range from 0 to 10.

  • The console automatically starts with level 1 in the following areas: Materials Research, Engineering Research, Phoron Research, Power Manipulation Technology, 'Blue-space' Research, Biological Research, Combat Systems Research, Electromagnetic Research, and Data Theory Research.
  • If the console has 0 in any level, it will be hidden. The research that starts hidden is: Illegal Technologies Research, Precursor Technology, and Anomalous Technologies. (don't worry, you'll learn how to unlock these technologies later)

There is another option on this page labeled PRINT THIS PAGE which will do exactly as advertised and print the current research levels. This allows you to show someone else the research levels without having them see the RnD console.

View Researched Technologies

Clicking this option shows all current printable technology. It shows all designs printable by both the protolathe, Circuit Imprinter, Exosuit Fabricator, AND the Prosthetic Fabricator

  • This menu also has a PRINT THIS PAGE option which allows you to show anyone else the complete list of printable technologies. This is useful for showing people the complete list of printable items.

Disk Operations

Normally, this option is blacked out an unable to be pressed. However, in the RnD room there should be some yellow floppy disk looking objects labeled "Component Design Disk" and "Technology Disk" If one of these disks are inserted into the core RnD console, this option becomes available. With a disk inserted, you get the options to copy from it if it has something loaded on it, eject it, clear whatever is loaded onto it, or upload new designs to it. Each disk can only hold certain things listed here:

  • Component Design Disk: With a Component disk, you can manually select a single component design to upload to the database. This is useful for moving only a few component designs to a new location.
  • Technology Disk: With a Technology Disk, you can upload a single researched technology level onto the disk. This is useful for selectively moving certain types of research to a new location.

Destructive Analyzer Menu

Clicking on this menu will bring up a blank page that says "No Item Loaded. Standing by..." by default. When there is an item with a tech origin inserted into the Destructive Analyzer, the menu will display the item's tech origins along side the current research levels. Two options become available Deconstruct Item and Eject item. Ejecting the item simply ejects it from the Destructive Analyzer. Deconstructing item will make a pop-up appear asking if you're sure. Clicking yes will destroy the item and add the research levels to the console. Research levels only go up in certain ways:

  • Equivalent: If the item's tech origin's are the same as the current researched levels, the researched level will go up by one.(Item's tech level is 1 while research level is 1 will result in a research level of 2. Then you need an item level of 2 to bring it up to 3, so on and so forth.)
  • Over:If the item's tech origin is higher than the current researched level, it will raise it towards that level. There are a few factors in this: If the current research levels are just below the item, (item's tech level is 7 while the researched level is 6) than deconstruction of the item will result in adding one to the researched level.
  • Far Over:If the current research is considerably lower than the item's tech origin, the research level will be raised to 1 below the item's tech origin.(IF the current research level is 1 and you deconstruct an item of tech origin 7. The resulting researched level will be 6)
  • Under: Does nothing to research levels and just destroys the item.

Protolathe Construction Menu

Clicking on this menu will show everything that is currently printable by the Protolathe. If a design has the materials to print, it will be highlighted. Clicking on it will start the protolathe crafting. You can queue up multiple items to be crafted in a series. There are also a few options in the top left. Those options are:

  • View Queue: This shows all items currently queued to be crafted by the protolathe. If an item is not currently being crafted, you can remove it from the queue here.
  • Material Storage: This will show you the current amount of material stored inside the protolathe. You will notice it is in centimeters cubed. Any single sheet of a material is equivalent to 2000cm^3
  • Chemical Storage: If there are any liquid reagents inside the protolathe, they will show up here.

Circuit Construction Menu

Clicking on the Circuit Construction Menu will show all currently printable circuits. If there are materials in the Circuit Imprinter, than the circuits will be highlighted. Click them to start crafting. There are a few options in the top left of this menu:

  • View Queue: This shows all items currently queued to be crafted by the Circuit Imprinter. If an item is not currently being crafted, you can remove it from the queue here.
  • Material Storage: This will show you the current amount of material stored inside the Circuit Imprinter. You will notice it is in centimeters cubed. Any single sheet of a material is equivalent to 2000cm^3
  • Chemical Storage: If there are any liquid reagents inside the Circuit Imprinter, they will show up here.


Probably one of the most important menus. Clicking this menu shows up another set of clickable menus:

  • Sync Database with Network: This options will update the current researched levels with the highest available on the server. If the core RnD console has higher levels than the main research server, those levels will be added to the server. This allows you to share your research levels with Robotics and to safe your research levels in case you need to disassemble the core RnD console.
  • Disconnect From Research Network: This option disconnects the RnD console from the main network.
  • Device Linkage Menu: clicking this menu will show all devices currently connected to the RnD console. It allows you to disconnected those devices and to Re-Sync with them. You have to do this after you have disassembled the devices for upgrades.
  • Lock Console: This locks the console and forces someone with a Science ID to unlock it for use.
  • Reset R&D Database: This will reset the research levels of the current device to the default. Only press this if the current research levels are synced with the network so you don't lose progress!

Destructive Analyzer

The Destructive analyzer allows you to collect research levels off of inserted items, however this process destroys the inserted item. To insert an item, hold an item in hand, stand next to the analyzer, and then click it. Refer to the Core RnD console to have the Analyzer "Analyze" the item.

Anomalous and Precursor Tech

Either by finding crashed UFOs or digging in Xeno archeology, occasionally you fill find strange or alien objects and devices. These devices should be taken to Destructive Analyzer and attempted to be inserted as they are awarded tech levels at random. Anomalous and Precursor tech will unlock the most powerful equipment and upgrades

Useful Places to Look for Origin Tech Levels

There are many places you can get items that have some levels, getting started is usually the hardest part. I'd Recommend trying to print items from these areas to get started:

  • Autolathe in RnD
  • Exosuit Fabricator in Robotics
  • Integrated Circuit Printer (Available through Protolathe)

How to Max Research Levels without mined Matierals


  • 3x Tasers from the mech fab (either works)
  • 3x Syringe guns from the mech fab
  • Blue space Tracking beacon
  • 2x industrial welding tools from the autolathe
  • Advanced designs for the portable circuit printer

With the upgraded portable circuit printer after that use it to print:

  • metabolic siphon
  • large tesla power circuit
  • weapon firing mechanism/grenade priming mechanism (Both do the same thing)
  • 2x Securitron sound circuits
  • 2x large power transmission circuits
  • cryo reagent storage circuits
  • basic pathfinder circuits

Now to the Circuit Imprinter:

  • Teleporter control console
  • Explosive Effect Simulator
  • Telepad Control Console
  • Exonet Node
  • Telepad


  • Holographic Equipment set
  • take out any two items EXCEPT FOR THE GUN and deconstruct
  • then deconstruct the gun
  • super matter bin

Levels will end up at:

  • Materials 6
  • Engineering 6
  • Phoron 5
  • Power Manip 7
  • Bluespace 6
  • Biology 6
  • Electromagnetic 6
  • Data theory 6
  • Illegal 5


The protolathe is a machine that takes solid sheets of materials in and is able to print a number of complicated designs. To insert sheets of materials into the protolathe, hold the material in hand, stand next to the machine and click on it
The materials the protolathe can take are as follows:

  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Plasteel
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Phoron
  • Uranium
  • Durasteel
  • Verdantium
  • Morphium
  • Super Matter

Circuit Imprinter

The Circuit Imprinter is capable of connecting very delicate series of wires and chips for various computerized functions. Circuits are required for most complex machines, even exosuits! The circuit imprinter needs two materials: Sulfuric Acid which can be found in the dispenser in either Robotics or RnD and sheets of Glass

Particle Accelerator

Once you get your hands on precursor and anomalous technologies, you will find that there are some strange requirements to print them. Namely, Super Matter and Morphium... The get these materials you must jump through quite a few hoops.

Setting up the smasher
Order three things from cargo, A superconductive transmission coil, a gravitational singularity device, and a Particle Accelerator.
Construct these items in a SAFE environment, planet side near Xeno-archeology is probably your best bet.
Hack the particle accelerator console to bump the power level up to 3.
Modify the gravitational singularity drive with the superconductive transmission coil.
Ensure you're wearing rad proof gear
Insert Verdantium into the modified singularity drive.
Fire an Emitter at the verdantium AND the particle accelerator at it.
Once it turns black, turn off both items and collect your Morphium
insert plasteel and alien junk and hit it.
Super Matter
Cool the environment from 1 to 100 K around the gravity singularity.
Insert a beaker containing equal parts (at least 10 of each) of liquid phoron and poly acid.
Add solid phoron as well.
Fire the particle smasher at it until the reaction happens.
Remove the beaker
Add the Valhollide and a new beaker containing 300 units of liquid phoron
Superheat the enviroment around the singularity to 3000~10,000 K.
Fire the particle smasher at it until you get Super Matter.

(Note. there is only a 1% chance of successfully getting super matter... You're going to be here awhile if you do this.)