Nanite Implant Framework

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Naninte Implant Framework

The NIF is a sophisticated implant designed to provide features over the span of several shifts. It's a piece of equipment you can acquire through in character means to give your character special ability's through the use of software.

There are a few variations of the NIF: Bootleg NIF, Bioadaptive NIF, and the Protean Integrated NIF.

NIF Repair

Manual Repair

Manual repair takes less resources but more time and coordination than the other method of repair. It can also depend on the character’s species on how to proceed with a repair in this manner. The NIF needs to be surgically removed from the character first.

Once the NIF is removed it can be repaired with the following steps. Afterwards the NIF should be reinstalled into the patient using normal methods.

  1. Screwdriver the NIF open
  2. Use a Cable Coil to fix burnt wires
  3. Use a Multi tool to reset the Capacitors
  4. Screwdriver the NIF closed

Removing the NIF is a medical procedure but unless your character has knowledge of how electronics and circuitry works, getting assistance from science to fix the NIF itself is a good idea.

Programmed Nanomachines

"A thick grey slurry of NIF repair nanomachines." -- Item Description

The other option for NIF repair is to acquire some programmed nanomachines. These will, when ingested and metabolized, repair your NIF automatically without invasive surgery. These can generally be acquired from the science department.