NLS Southern Cross

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Name: NLS Southern Cross
Class: Logistics Station
Owner: NanoTrasen
Parent Body: Vir - Sif
Purpose: Telecommunication - Traffic Control - Hub

The NLS Southern Cross is a space station owned and operated by NanoTrasen, located in the Vir system, in orbit of Sif.


The Southern Cross is NanoTrasen's primary work station in Sif orbit, and sister-station to the much larger company-owned colony station, the NCS Northern Star in orbit of Kara. The station's primary purpose is to serve as a telecommunications and traffic control waypoint for vessels in the Vir system, though it also serves as a general cargo recieving and research platform for the corporation, and primary port-of-call for the company's surface outpost in the Ullran Expanse.


The station is made up of three decks with corridors split into the shape of a cross, built around a central ring containing the main connecting elevator and staircase and forming the central supporting structure for a large array of external telecommunications equipment. The decks are numbered from bottom to top.

Deck One

Primarily the hangar deck, consisting of three main hangars and a smaller loading bay, belonging to the Supply Department. This deck also holds the majority of emergency escape pods but is otherwise largely unused with potential for later expansion. Hangar 3 is currently a docking point for Exploration's Carrier shuttle. The central portion of Deck One is dedicated to the secure inner workings of the Southern Cross' telecommunications systems. The fore-starboard section includes the recently renovated lower levels of the Research Department, Xenobiology and Xenobotany, and the sling to the Exploration Carrier. Access to the deck is available from central, fore and aft staircases, in addition to elevators at the port and starboard ends of the deck.

Deck Two

The primary work deck of the Southern Cross, and home to the main levels of almost every department onboard.

The Aft wing consists of the station's main external docking arms for small vessels, and the crew recreation areas known as the "Civilian Department". This consists of a library, chapel, bar and cafeteria with adjacent hydroponics bay and is intended to keep crew entertained and in good spirits during long shifts.

The Starboard wing, or Med-Sci wing consists of a sprawling Medbay with top of the line resleeving equipment, multiple surgery rooms, several of patient rooms, pharmaceutical laboratory and a psychiatric office, allowing NanoTrasen to hold up their remarkably high standards of employee healthcare. The research department maintains a number of different labs, as well as a robotics bay able to produce both prosthetic components and mechatronic units as required. At the furthest end of the wing is an isolated Virology lab for the development and cure of viral infections.

The Port wing consists of the main level of the Cargo department, as well as the core of the Engineering department, including the Supermatter Engine, which is cycled on and off between shift changes in order to mitigate the hazards of extended use. Engineering is also home to the station's life support systems, which keep the air clean, breathable and pleasantly warm.

Finally, the Fore wing contains the Security Department and brig, as well as the Custodial department, Internal Affairs and several storerooms. In addition to the basics, security includes a well-stocked armory, modest brig, shooting range and modern forensic laboratory, and is fully prepared to uphold Corporate Regulations.

In the Central ring is the main elevator, stairs as well as the Head of Personnel's Office, where crew go to die.

Deck Three

Deck Three, or "Command Deck" consists of only a few vital elements of the station and generally sees heavy crew traffic. The bridge, command offices and meeting room take up the aft portion of the deck, while the highly secure AI core. dominates the fore. The station's baseline and backup power supply, four large solar arrays, surround this deck. The aft portion includes an expanded bar, garden, and station dorms.


While not technically a part of the NLS Southern Cross, the station serves a NanoTrasen outpost in the Ullran Expanse, on Sif's surface. This outpost consists of a few landing pads for shuttlecraft which serve the mines as well as the Xenoarcheology and anomaly labs. The surface outpost also serves as a staging point for the company's ever-busy surface Explorers, and a basic Search and Rescue medical room.

Exploration Carrier

While also not technically part of the NLS Southern Cross, a large shuttle carrier in orbit of Sif serves as a mobile base for Exploration. Largely abandoned and worn with disuse, the Exploration Carrier features a private Exploration shuttle, small medical area, a locker room, an office for the Pathfinder, and a Gateway within its crumbling infrastructure.


A small, ever rotating number of personnel are staffed at the NLS Southern Cross, paid directly by Nanotrasen or under external contract. Staff arrive and depart via regular shuttle services from the NCS Northern Star and Vir Interstellar Spaceport, which serves commuters from across the system. All crew, as well as visitors, are normally logged in a public manifest file, to aid in organization. The manifest is shared with the Ullran outpost.