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File:Shaft Miner.png
Shaft Miner
Access: Mining, Cargo, EVA, Maintenance
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Head of Personnel then Quartermaster
Duties: Mine ores and process them
Guides: Guide to Mining

Welcome, Shaft Miner, to the wonderful caverns of this asteroid.

Your Boss

Your superiors are the Head of Personnel, and then the Quartermaster. Generally they won't butt into any of your affairs other than talking over the cargo channel and (if they know what they're doing) attempting to coordinate your efforts for the good of the station.

Chatting it Up

You can talk with all of your mining buddies, as well as the other cargo technicians and the all-important Quartermaster, over the Supply channel using :u or :h.

The Objective

You're here to mine, so get digging! The asteroid is dangerous, so it's recommended order a belt miner crate and remember your backup implant unless you're just here because you like the thought of becoming a space carp. Put on your mining voidsuit (make sure to put a large oxygen tank in your suit storage), check your internals, and cycle yourself out the airlock. Then grab your drill in one hand, click on an ore tile, and pick up the ore with your mining satchel. You can then empty the satchel into an Ore Box, so it's probably best to drag one around with you.

If you prefer heavy machinery, you can use a mining drill to dig into the asteroid for you. This is the only way to get metallic hydrogen.

You may also want to request mining charges from science as this is hand down the most efficient method to gather materials.

Once you're full to bursting with ores, drag your crate to the conveyor belt outside of the airlock. From there, you can use the machines and computers to smelt raw ore to its finished state and stack them up to 50-count piles. From there, it's off to wherever those resources need to be, but hopefully you have a Cargo Technician for that. Back to the mines Time for a break!

Details on how do to your job can be found in the Guide to Mining.

Who Needs What

  • Scientists want a little silver, gold, phoron, uranium, diamond, plasteel, and rarely osmium. Refine a little of each for research (5-10 sheets each should do it; as much as you have for the diamond). In exchange, they may give you more advanced mining tools (like a sonic jackhammer), for even faster digging but will probably refuse and tell you to use the mining points machine instead.
  • Roboticists need metal, plasteel, diamond, uranium, silver and gold for building mech parts. Give them enough and you might get a big, fancy machine for your troubles! The Ripley is the best mech for mining but probably the slowest mining option overall if you use a diamond pickaxe to mind by hand.
  • Bartenders may ask for uranium and phoron for special cocktails but it's up to you to if you want to provide.
  • Medical can always use more phoron especially when they're feeling elitist and want to be able to defib the Scientist with 1000 burn damage.
  • Everybody could always use more metal and glass, but especially Station Engineers.


A traitorous miner has a lot of advantages. You have a space suit for free right away and your mining tools are pretty good weapons. As long as you have some mineral wealth on you, no one will suspect your presence around the station, even in highly restricted areas like robotics or toxins. In addition, the mining station is isolated, hard to get to, and as expansive as you're willing to dig out. Plenty of room for somebody to get lost in... Forever!

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