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Synthetic crew members can be based off of most of the other species present among the station's ranks. Some of them may be made purely of plastics and metals, easily distinguishable. Others prefer to attempt to fit in among the organic crew and do a very good job of it. Synthetic crew are markedly different in that they are not required to be 'lawed' to be active. These either were originally organic crew, or are otherwise artificial intelligences that have been active for more than a year and proven to be safe and stable enough to allow free.

Organic crew can be outfitted with a prosthetic body by the robotics department.

You can convert most races into synthetics on the character creation screen by adjusting their limbs, selecting 'Full Body', and choosing one of the manufacturers listed. Note, most of the different makes look very different from one another.


Synthetics follow most of the different mechanics as their organic counterparts.

Synthetics however do not need to breathe, as such they do not require internals to survive in space, underwater, or in otherwise sub-optimal atmospheric conditions. (Synthetics are however affected just the same by pressure, heat, and cold. So don't walk into space without a suit just because you're a robot.)

Synthetics are also not affected by chemicals or radiation.

Synthetics do not need to eat, instead they recharge. This can be achieved by entering one of the cyborg recharges scattered around the station.

Synthetics do not heal. Instead they must be repaired using wires and welding.



Synthetic crew tend to take on names similar to the species that they are based on, as such they can have a very wide variety of names. Synthetic names may also include numbers, or may be an acronym for something.


Despite the differences in appearance and some differences in capabilities, all synthetic crew members bodies function using extremely uniform base design and maintenance philosophies. The biggest difference internally that one might find between synthetic crew aside from the brands and condition of the parts is the differences in the kinds of brain that they can be equipped with.

Synthetic crew can have one of three types of brain: •Cybernetic - An organic brain, likely from an original body, wired up and fitted into a Man-Machine Interface.

•Positronic - A fully synthetic brain cube. These devices are very durable and can resist some chemical reactions that the others would be destroyed by. This brain operates similarly to an organic brain, but is mechanical in nature.

•Drone - A fully digital brain simulated by the equipment on a computer card.


Synthetic crew behavior can vary just as widely as their appearance and origins. However, a few common tendencies have been observed, namely tending to prefer the most logical course of action over impulsive ones. Some may also struggle with finding purpose when they lack orders or specific duties.

None of this is present in all or even most synthetics however.


Synthetics may eat to fit in, or to dispose of things assuming they are equipped with mouths. Others may be equipped with the facilities to convert some kinds of material into energy.

Eating is not required or even typical of synthetics. It's really up to the individual.





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