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This lore is from the VOREstation wiki.

This lore is taken from the VOREstation wiki, and should not be fully relied on for CHOMPstation. You can contact Nadyr if you want to work on it].




The teshari are very small, rarely reaching more than 3-4'/1-1.2m in height, and weigh less than 100lbs/45kg. They have rapid metabolisms and very efficient digestive systems, and thanks to sharing in the medical technology of the skrell, they tend to have robust and effective immune systems. They lack sexual dimorphism between the sexs. They are naturally adorn in earthen colors, however richer teshari are known to dye their feathers and skin.

They evolved for very cold and very barren areas, generally the polar regions. Because of this, their skin is a fine insulator and many of their internal processes are not particularly energy-efficient; they cannot cope well at all with high temperatures.

Their hearing is exceptionally sensitive to the point that they can detect a person moving on the other side of a wall, but comes at the cost of being extremely vulnerable to sonic weaponry like flashbangs.

The teshari are omnivorous but generally prefer to eat meat wherever possible.


A breeding pair of teshari, generally supported by their social grouping/pack, will lay a clutch of eggs and tend to them until they hatch. The parenthood of the resulting children is generally irrelevant; the entire pack is their family and protectors, although their blood parents may have a status similar to that of an favorite uncle or aunt in human culture. Depending on the culture of their society, as well as how tied to the skrell they are, teshari children may enter the workforce as soon as they are old enough, be placed in education, or take up a vocation.



  • Humans: Following a bumpy start after the teshari representative was mistaken for an exotic pet by the human representative when the skrell brought them to the galactic stage for the first time, the teshari maintain decent relations with humanity.
  • Skrell: The teshari are a protectorate of the skrell, maintaining excellent relations with the race that uplifted them.


Teshari centralized government consists of a grand parliament made up of representatives from major teshari populations throughout the galaxy. Originally, the skrell had a representative to help guide the government process and to prevent the teshari from making any major mistakes, but in more recent times the skrell's position has become less active to the point of being honorary.


Teshari culture is extremely social and open; privacy is not important to most teshari other than the most skrell-integrated groups, and communal activities like grooming, eating or watching entertainment are part and parcel of teshari life. A teshari pack tends to share a bedding space, often sleeping in a communal pile as a method of conserving body heat originally, but is continued as a social sign of trust in the pack. Those teshari who are able to leave the planet via spacecraft will generally be more aware of the social expectations of other cultures, especially if they have spent much time around skrell in a social setting.

Some skrell cities, generally those bordering teshari territory, may have sections of the city inhabited by teshari exclusively; this is largely because standard skrell construction and buildings are utterly unsuitable for teshari habitation. While each district tends to differ in societal nature, these quarters tend to be open-aired and heavily decorated, and due to the communal nature of the teshari are often treated as a single large dwelling.

Generally speaking, modern teshari living in urban areas will find work easily as hospitality staff, clerks, technicians, or any number of tasks that require little heavy lifting. Many of them also work as personal assistants and house staff for skrell individuals or businesses, although among the teshari this is seen as rather demeaning as they feel it leaves them being seen as a pet race. Teshari are also found in more intellectual programs, often sponsored by or apprenticed to skrell.


Several well-known teshari packs exist. Many more packs than these can exist, but below is a summary of ones well-established in lore.

Traditionally, a Teshari's pack name would precede it's given name, however it has become increasingly common for Teshari to take their own unique names to fit in better with other species.


A large, old, politically neutral pack heavily involved in efforts to get teshari into space. Probably the most common pack to see outside of a skrell colony, and probably the most numerous teshari pack outside of Sirisai and associated colonies.


A very small pack. Generally focused around supporting and providing for packs on the homeworlds, they have devoted themselves to training as technicians and engineers in order to obtain skills and training to take back to Sirisai. The pack is only around thirty people in size, but owns and maintains a nuclear power plant.


One of the more skrell-devoted and integrated packs. They tend to be rather sycophantic towards the skrell and work as scientists and field researchers on a variety of projects, generally biology or technical research. They have a reputation for working as spies and informants for the skrell governments amongst other teshari.


An isolationist pack from the northern tundra of Sirisai; generally known as disliking the skrell. Small to average in size; only around sixty members. Their regional culture is built around the study of culture and anthropology, as well as archaeology, originally for the purposes of recovering history and materials "lost" due to skrell interference. It would be very rare to see them on your travels, however they are listed here for the sake of completeness.


A pack that sold off its small native territory for the chance to get into space. Very musically inclined. They tend towards medical professions.


Teshari rely heavily on the skrell for most of the formal sciences, having easy access to their mentor race's knowledge base. Most of the technology that they use is converted from skrellian technology, but teshari produced technologies are becoming increasingly common.


The teshari military is practically non-existent, relying on the skrell for any situations that would require a military presence. What they do have to help out, however, is the Teshari Auxiliary Spacefleet, which is dedicated to the more logistical aspects of the military, made up of supply ships, ship tenders, hospital ships, and survey ships. The fleet is mostly made from donated skrellian ships, retrofitted for ease of use for their teshari crews, though the fleet is gradually adding teshari built ships.

The TAS only has two warships at present. The TAS Raptora Victore, a teshari built destroyer that serves as the flagship of the fleet, and the TAS Curiosity's Endeavor, a teshari built corvette used as a testing platform for experimental weaponry.

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