Improvised Weapons

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This article or section is from the VOREstation wiki.

This article or section is directly taken from the VOREstation wiki, and should not be fully relied on for CHOMPstation. You can help by updating it.

This is a brief list of improvised weapons that you can build from parts around the station. Keep in mind most of these count as contraband and Security will be all over you if you're found to have them.


Powered crossbow

Pneumatic cannon

  • File:Pneumatic0.png Make a cannon frame from metal sheets.
  • Install a length of atmos piping.
  • Welderon.gif Welding tool.
  • Metal.png 5 x metal sheets.
  • Welderon.gif Welding tool.
  • Install a tank transfer valve.
  • Welderon.gif Welding tool to finish.
  • File:Handheld-Plasmatank.png Add a gas tank (right-click, eject tank to remove).


Wired rod


Cattle prod

  • Wirecutters.png Add a pair of wirecutters to a wired rod.
  • File:Power cell.png Add a cell (screwdriver to remove).

Butterfly knife