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NOTE: this is a direct dump from our code, not all of these languages are open to be used or even actively used on station, this is a reflection of active code.

Transcript of language code

  • Galactic Common (,0)
   The common galactic tongue, engineered for cross-species communication.
  • Tradeband (,2)
   Maintained by the various trading cartels in major systems, this elegant, structured language is used for bartering and bargaining.
  • Terminus (,4)
   A group of languages spoken by the Zorren with a certain degree of mutual intelligibility under each other. Evidence shows it was a single lingua franca which has diverged into many sub languages due to isolation.
  • Gutterband (,3)
   A dialect of Tradeband not uncommon amongst traders in the Free Trade Union. The language is often difficult to translate due to changing frequently and being highly colloquial.
  • Sign Language (,s)
   A sign language commonly used for those who are deaf or mute.
  • Chimpanzee (,C)
   Ook ook ook.
  • Sol Common (,1)
   A bastardized hybrid of many languages, including Chinese, English, French, and more; it is the common language of the Sol system.
  • Neaera (,8)
   Squik squik squik.
  • Common Skrellian (,k)
   A set of warbles and hums, the language itself a complex mesh of both melodic and rhythmic components, exceptionally capable of conveying intent and emotion of the speaker.
  • Stok (,7)
   Hiss hiss hiss.
  • Sinta'unathi (,o)
   The common language of the Moghes Hegemony, composed of sibilant hisses and rattles. Spoken natively by Unathi.
  • Farwa (,9)
   Meow meow meow.
  • Siik (,j)
   The most prevalant language of Meralar, composed of expressive yowls and chirps. Native to the Tajaran.
  • Dog (,n)
   Woof woof woof.
  • Cat (,c)
   Meow meow meow.
  • Mouse (,m)
   Squeak squeak. *Nibbles on cheese*
  • Bird (,B)
   Chirp chirp, give me food
  • Changeling (,g)
   Although they are normally wary and suspicious of each other, changelings can commune over a distance.
  • Cortical Link (,x)
   Cortical borers possess a strange link between their tiny minds.
  • Vox-Pidgin (,5)
   The common tongue of the various Vox ships making up the Shoal. It sounds like chaotic shrieking to everyone else.
  • Cult (,f)
   The chants of the occult, the incomprehensible.
  • Occult (,y)
   The initiated can share their thoughts by means defying all reason.
  • Xenomorph (,u)
   The common tongue of the xenomorphs.
  • Hivemind (,a)
   Xenomorphs have the strange ability to commune over a psychic hivemind.
  • Ancient Audio Encryption (,_)
   A confusing mechanical language spoken by some form of ancient machine.
  • Minbus (,r)
   The Powers That Be have seen it fit to grace you with a special language that sounds like Russian for some reason.
  • Occursus (,])
   The Powers That Be have seen it fit to grace you with a special language that sounds like... something. This description should be overridden by the time you see this.
  • Chemosense Transmission (,})
   The massive processing power of the Blob's core gives the overmind finely tuned abilities to transmit messages to nearby life-forms through chemical signals.
  • Local Rootspeak (,q) - cannot speak!
   A complex language known instinctively by Dionaea, 'spoken' by emitting modulated radio waves. This version uses high frequency waves for quick communication at short ranges.
  • Global Rootspeak (,w) - cannot speak!
   A complex language known instinctively by Dionaea, 'spoken' by emitting modulated radio waves. This version uses low frequency waves for slow communication at long ranges.
  • Akhani (,h)
   The language of the sea-faring Njarir'Akhan Tajaran. Borrowing some elements from Siik, the language is distinctly more structured.
  • Siik Tajr (,l) - cannot speak!
   A type of sign language mostly based on tail movements that was used during the Tajaran rebellion.
  • High Skrellian (,p)
   The most common language among the Skrellian Far Kingdoms. Has an even higher than usual concentration of inaudible phonemes.
  • Encoded Audio Language (,6) - cannot speak!
   An efficient language of encoded tones developed by positronics.
  • Schechi (,v)
   A trilling language spoken by the diminutive Teshari.
  • Vedahq (,z)
   A harsh buzzing language created by the Zaddat following their exodus from their homeworld.
  • Promethean Biolinguistics (,t)
   A complex language composed of guttural noises and bioluminescent signals
  • Vespinae (,X)
   A jarring and clicky language developed and used by Vasilissans, it is designed for use with mouthparts and as a result has become a common language for various arthropod species.
  • Birdsong (,G)
   A language primarily spoken by Narvians
  • Shadekin Empathy (,M)
   Shadekin seem to always know what the others are thinking. This is probably why.
  • Sagaru (,T)
   The dominant language of the Sergal homeworld, Vilous. It consists of aggressive low-pitched hissing and throaty growling.
  • Canilunzt (,V)
   The guttural language spoken and utilized by the inhabitants of Vazzend system, composed of growls, barks, yaps, and heavy utilization of ears and tail movements. Vulpkanin speak this language with ease.
  • Pan-Slavic (,P)
   The official language of the Independent Colonial Confederation of Gilgamesh, originally established in 2122 by the short-lived United Slavic Confederation on Earth.
  • Ecureuilian (,S)
   The native tongue of the inhabitants of Gaia. Squirrelkin and other beastkins of Gaia can use their ears and tails in addition to speech to communitcate.
  • D'Rudak'Ar (,K)
   The native language of the D'Rudak'Ar, a loosely tied together community of dragons and demi-dragons based in the Diul system. Features include many hard consonants and rolling 'r's.
  • Daemon (,D)
   The language spoken by the demons of Infernum, it's composed of deep chanting. It's rarely spoken off of Infernum due to the volume one has to exert.
  • Spacer (,J)
   A rough pidgin-language comprised of Tradeband, Gutter, and Sol Common used by various space-born communities unique to Humanity.
  • Enochian (,I)
   The graceful language spoken by angels, composed of quiet hymns. Formally, Angels sing it.
  • Psionic Communication (,^)
   Grey Psionic communication
  • Drone Talk (,d)
   A heavily encoded damage control coordination stream.
  • Robot Talk (,b)
   Most human stations support free-use communications protocols and routing hubs for synthetic use.