Permanent Death

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In role-playing games, both for tabletop and computer, permadeath (or permanent death) is a gameplay mechanic in which player characters that die are permanently dead and removed from the game and may no longer be used to play. Less common terms with the same meaning are persona death and player death. Normally, CHOMPstation allows characters who are killed to be resurrected to a playable state, usually through resleeving.

With the exception of event characters, permadeath is reserved as a (rare) punishment for OOC rule breaks (typically if you play a character which violates the rules and refuse to rework them).

Execution for typical characters only lasts for the round (similar to how being fired from a department by a head only lasts for the round). Corporate Regulations redirect here to clarify that execution is temporary. If you approach staff to ask for round-to-round, we're just going to roll our eyes and redirect you here.

For antagonistic event characters, permadeath may result from IC consequences. If you play a pirate during a pirate raid event, getting captured will likely result in permadeath via execution (be it on or off station). For this reason, it is strongly suggested you never use a character dear to you (e.g. your sona) as an antagonistic event character.

Rules of Character Bans

Character bans are rare and only issued as an OOC punishment or to certain event characters.

With a character ban, instead of being banned entirely from playing a certain job or playing the server at all, only a specific character of yours is not allowed to be seen. Note however that ignoring character bans is grounds for an actual (usually permanent) OOC ban for violating rules.

Players may choose to temporarily or permanently kill or their own characters for literally any reason, but this will not be enforced by admins. This is up to only the players involved, and admins will not support the enforcement of player-made temporary/permanent kills.

Temporary deaths (and suspensions)

A Tempkill (TK) or Suspension is for a scenario in which a character would not be allowed to believably return to the station for a finite duration of time. Examples include serious violations of Standard Operating Procedure, various crimes*, or varying levels of stupidity during events.

* For crimes, whether or not you are actually captured/killed is not relevant. If your identity is known by Central Command, you cannot return to the station while a TK is active, even if you escape alive, because NanoTrasen would still prevent you from coming to the station through normal means. Escaping successfully might even result in the TK being turned into a PK. Consider this your in-advance warning to avoid PK.

For a TK to be valid, it must adhere to these rules:

  • Tempkills do not require advanced warning. To avoid tempkills and suspensions, simply don't be an idiot.
  • TKs and suspensions generally cannot be longer than one real-life week. If it goes beyond that, the admin probably should have banned you instead.
  • Once you are TKed, just wait for the TK to expire. You don't have to delete any characters.

We do not currently enforce temporary death/suspension for non-event characters. That said, it's not rare for players to impose self-enforced temporary suspension in regard to IC consequences.