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These are the rules for the server and are subject to change without notice. For further clarification, also see the guide to Not Getting Banned. If you did get banned, there's probably a good reason for it, but if you disagree, you can always appeal your ban. Although these are rules, but they are not infallible, complete, or concrete, and probably never will be despite our best efforts. If ever something feels wrong, either don't do it, or admin-help it first. Above all, use your common sense, listen to the game staff, and try to keep the game fun for everyone; not just yourself.

If you disagree with the rules as they currently stand, talk about it on the forum or with admins and maybe we can improve them through some healthy criticism and debate.

These rules are designed to be written in such a way that you can usually understand them just by reading the headers, because reading all of this would be insanity for most people. If you cannot understand a rule just by looking at it, or wish to know about possible exceptions or examples, click the rule to learn more.

If you find yourself spending too much time reading this page, or are confused about any rules, please contact an admin on Discord to make suggestions on how these rules could be better worded.

You must be 18 or older to play on this server

There are no exceptions. If the staff suspects that you are underage for any reason, you will be banned from playing on the server until you are able to prove to the satisfaction of the staff that you are at least 18 years old. Proof would involve a ID/Driver's license with most info blurred out except the date of birth and a randomly chosen word to be written on a paper next to it.

  • Use of real world slurs, ‘lolspeak’, and other indications of immaturity may be taken as signs that you are underage.
  • Knowing another user is underaged but not reporting it is considered grounds for an immediate, permanent ban.
  • The age of consent in your country is irrelevant. Your opinion about this rule is irrelevant.
  • You may also not play a character who is under 18 years of age.

Be respectful to other players

This is a game, we're all here to have fun, but try to make certain your type of fun fits our server and doesn't ruin things for others. Don't be overly offensive, rude, rapey, violent, or insulting OOCly. With IC there's some wiggle room, but there's still a limit to how much people will tolerate before they get sick of you, so keep it in moderation. When in doubt, use LOOC.

  • Racial slurs/epithets, derogatory/defamatory language against social groups, and generally any other category of bigoted language is not allowed (as covered by the global rules). Using this language ICly is still not allowed if it pertains to any real-life social group. Saying that “all Tajara look the same” is fine. Saying that “all [insert rl social group] look the same” is not. Also, being part of some real life social group doesn't grant you immunity to this rule or some special ticket to use these slurs.
  • Metagrudging can be considered being disrespectful. Metagrudging is having an extreme grudge against another player through different rounds, causing heavy amount of drama between the two and causing the other person to feel upset about it. However, we think it's fine if there is some sort of grudge as long as it's agreed on OOCly first.
  • Ignoring people because you do not want to interact with them is not considered being disrespectful, as long as it's kept mature and within it's boundaries this is considered fine.
  • Do not share people's usernames/details anywhere as this can be similar to "doxxing" another player in-game, and this can easily create metagrudge issues with other players. Exceptions to this can be if the other player agrees.
  • We want to encourage some drama in the game, as this is what can add a lot of depth and character design into the game, but keep it moderate, otherwise staff would have to be involved. If you do feel like there's any drama getting way too far, or getting to the point where it's going over IC interactions and into OOC interactions, contact a staff member as this can be considered disrespectful.

Do not inconvenience AFK or disconnected characters

Under normal circumstances, do not harm, eat, or otherwise inconvenience characters whose player is idle, ghosted, or disconnected entirely. There are some exceptions to this rule, as follows:

  • If they've disconnected/idle for more than 30 minutes, you can put them in cryosleep. If you do that, take away all of their belongings except for their jumpsuit, shoes, ID, and PDA, and return everything else to its rightful department.
  • If they've committed a crime, jail them as you normally would and conduct their sentence even if they aren't connected. 20 minutes in the brig is still 20 minutes in the brig.
  • Some players will say in their OOC notes that they're okay with getting devoured while AFK or offline. As long as you don't break these preferences, it's okay to do things to them.
  • Emergencies bypass this rule. If it's an emergency and you need something an idle player has to fix it, you may take it.

If you are caught possibly breaking this rule, you will be questioned and without a reasonable/acceptable answer, you will be punished. If you are lying (it's very easy to find out) you will be faced with a more serious punishment.

ERP preferences must be respected

Players should have their ERP prefs listed in their “OOC Metainfo” or “OOC Notes” on their characters. You are required to respect these preferences so long as they pertain to ERP. If you are unsure about the meaning of some of their preferences, then use LOOC to discuss it with them. If you accidentally go against someone’s preferences, or someone else goes against yours, work to correct it as quickly as possible, even if that means just deciding in LOOC among yourselves that ‘this didn’t happen’ and going your separate ways.

  • Do not put "anything goes" or similar in OOC notes, we will warn you once, and not take complaints in ERP regards if your notes remain unchanged.
  • If you like non-consensual scenes, State that in your notes! If it is not stated in someone's notes, assume all scenes should be consensual.
  • AFK/SSD/Disconnected players are not valid targets for any ERP unless their OOC Notes specifically permit otherwise.
  • If you learn of something that makes you uncomfortable while you are in game. Please speak up in LOOC as normal, and remember to add it right away after the round has ended on station, or when you leave so it does not happen again in the future.
  • Remember this is a vore server! Because of this, it is suggested not to have "no vore" in your OOC preferences. It is okay to be nervous about it or unsure, but making some attempts to at least experiment would be appreciated.
  • Do not kinkshame others. This includes overt comments about someone’s ERP preferences being ‘wrong’ or ‘immoral’, but also includes passive-aggressive remarks related to preferences, such as public remarks suggesting that you won’t go near someone because of their OOC ERP preferences. If you have negative feelings about someone’s ERP preferences, don’t interact with them, and keep it to your self.
  • Do not attempt to force yourself into ERP scenes where the other party (or parties) involved are not comfortable with it, or not even actually participating. This includes (but is not limited to) repeatedly jumping into people's food as a micro, trying to do ERP that a player has blatantly stated they are uncomfortable with, trying to guilt players into having a pity RP with you, doing hit and run ERP, filling drinks with your bodily fluids, etc. You get the idea. Don't do that.

The dorms are protected

The ‘dorms’ area on the map are reserved for ERP and are ‘protected’ from interruption. It is a violation of this rule to break into occupied dorms or harass players in dorms.

  • Security is not allowed to indiscriminately inspect dorms for crimes, but a known criminal hiding in a dorm is not protected by this rule.
  • It is not permissible to attempt to use dorms to hide from security, or to make their job of finding you harder. The dorms are for people who want to ERP in privacy.
  • Do not leave the server in locked dorms. They're for scenes only

See also: Guide to Vore - Area by Area Response

Roleplay as long as it's feasible

Roleplay as long as it's feasible This is an MRP (Medium roleplay) server. This server will allow combat but keep in mind there are also people who like to rp. You can fight with someone if its with someone that you know would willingly fight but do not involve others who don't want to fight.

  • We'll allow stuff to be dealt with IC instead of ooc if its in character drama, the only way that you'll be in trouble for this is if you do something to violate someone's prefs or you murderbone, make sure you read OOC notes.
  • You are expected to roleplay out roleplay actions. However, if combat breaks out, or you find yourself in a situation against another player trying to fight you or just suddenly attacking you with no explanation why, you are expected to use the in-game mechanics.
  • You are expected to roleplay your actions with other players as long as it's feasible. If someone engages you in purely ‘robust’ (aka game-mechanics driven) combat while you were attempting to roleplay with them and you never gave ooc permission, with no "reasonable provocation", please use the admin-help feature to inform an admin.
  • "Reasonable provocation" are situations or actions that deem you too dangerous to be given even a chance to talk. For example, openly wielding a gun while threatening people, charging someone with a knife, trying to create a hazard, or being the target of a manhunt.

Please Note If a fight does begin, you're not expected to type out every gunshot and dodge and attack. You are to roleplay up until the point that it makes sense to start attacking, and then use game mechanics from there. You are allowed to respond to ‘robust’ violence with your own, if you desire, though you should attempt to return to roleplaying as soon as feasible. The environment is not designed for a focus on action, but rather for character-building and roleplaying. When a fight is over, resume roleplaying. Movement is considered a game mechanic for the purpose of this rule. Wordlessly running at a security officer who is attempting to arrest you, or wordlessly fleeing from them, is considered engaging in game-mechanic combat. The security officer has valid cause to stop trying to roleplay and stunlock you into the ground.

Do not join with an inappropriate ckey

Ckeys, better known as BYOND user names, must be appropriate. If any are deemed inappropriate, the ckey will be banned and you will be unable to play on our server until you make an account with an appropriate name.

  • Ckeys that mock certain players or groups are an example of inappropriate.
  • Ckeys that violate BYOND's terms of service may also be reported.

Do not misuse Global OOC

Many servers simply mute global OOC. We do not, because the OOC command is useful to have on in an RP heavy server.

  • Global OOC is used, for instance, to contact someone you were typing a reply to had walked out of the room before you were done, and you're trying to ask them to come back. It's also useful if you're a new player, or an old player exploring new mechanics, who asks something like, "How do I make Tricord again?" or something short and similar. Short, sweet, and relevant OOC messages are generally okay. Welcoming old players returning, or new players joining, is also generally okay.
  • Global OOC is not for idle banter, ranting, things pertaining to incidents in the current round (see previous rule), in-depth explanations (an explanation that takes more than a few lines), shitposting memes, or discussing topics not relating directly to the game. If you want to chatter OOCly, go to our Discord channel, which is linked from the home page at or use LOOC so as to not disturb the rest of the server.
  • Also, if someone does misuse OOC, do not complain in global OOC about their misusing of global OOC. Not only are you just making the problem worse, that is considered being a backseat admin, which is prohibited by other rules.

Keep IC and OOC separate

IC (In-character) and OOC (Out-of-Character) actions and knowledge should be separated as much as possible. Don't use OOC channels to discuss what's going on IC until after the round is finished, don't use OOC knowledge to do things your character wouldn't know, such as operate medical machines when a cargo technician. You are not playing yourself in the game, you are controlling a character with their own wants and knowledge and the IC/OOC boundary is to help reflect that.

Do not discuss ongoing rounds in any discord channels on the chompers discord

Note that these same rules apply to LOOC as well.

  • Don't complain in OOC when your actions IC get you in trouble. This is self explanatory.
  • Disconnecting or using other OOC means to avoid IC consequences is against the rules. If you do need to suddenly leave, a-help admins and looc/ooc to the server.
  • Do not use Metacomms: Using third-party programs, such as Discord, IRC, Skype, or even the BYOND pager, to discuss and share information of the ongoing round. This excludes other players, can contribute to toxicity among the playerbase, and is often a tactic used by griefers and thus is a no-go.
  • Do not Metagame: Using information obtained from elsewhere to influence IC decisions and actions. Your opinions or knowledge of other players or characters obtained via OOC methods should not direct your IC actions. If you have an OOC grudge against someone, you may not try to antagonize them IC, for example.

There is one exception to this. Asking in LOOC to be cloned after a vore scene is fine.

  • Multi-keying: Logging in with multiple BYOND accounts on our game server. There is never any legitimate reason for you to do this and thus is not allowed.
  • Create and play server-appropriate characters

Please use a functional, appropriate character

  • Play a reasonably sane and mature character, give them a non-immersion breaking name, do not play obvious reference characters, or characters from published works without a special character application approved for that character.
  • Keep in mind that people do not like pain or dying and usually try to avoid it without good reason. Give your character a reasonable set of strengths, fears, and weaknesses. When writing things for IC, write things out that sound like speech, not emoticons or lolspeak.
  • The setting contains no magic. Your character cannot have any superpowers, magical abilities, or anything that does not exist in the setting or cannot be reasonably replicated with game mechanics. That being said, if you do have a question about an ability you wish to have that is small and more flavor based, please ask an admin.
  • If they are not someone who has a good reason to work on the station, they should not occupy any normal job slot and should be a ‘Visitor’ only.

Exception to this rule

The exception to this is purely private roleplay. For example: If your character and another character are in a dorm by themselves, and the other is OOCly fine with it, your character can display potentially supernatural abilities. This is limited to that roleplay, though. You should not discuss anything about that in public. Use magic at your own risk however, because technically the moment your RP is discovered by someone else, it stops being private, putting you in potential violation of this rule.

Please use workable sizes

Obscenely oversized or undersized characters are forbidden. Minimum height is at least a few inches. Maximum height is about 30 feet. Anything more or less really pushes the already shaky believably of micros or macros existing on the station--and that's coming from a server whose theme is eating people. If you are playing a whitelisted species such as Diona, Vox, Xenochimera, or whatever else we add in the future, you are expected to play the race as they are canonically meant to be played.

Flavor Text is encouraged

Adding flavor text to describe your characters, along with visual refs if you have them can really help people get a good idea of your character. These should not include non-physical attributes (do not include feelings your character has, or how they act).

Do not kill or attack things (including yourself) for no good reason

  • This includes yourself. Even in self-defense your goal is to fight off your attack and escape to go get help, killing in a fight should only be done as a last-ditch effort when it's clear it's a you or them situation.
  • Suicide or self-mutilation is almost NEVER allowed. Contact an admin if you want to have a character commit suicide. Typically the manner in which suicide is carried out is played as an in-game attention grab and without actual compelling reasons. This can upset those that find this subject OOCly uncomfortable. The punishment for suicide is nearly always a permanent ban, so think about that before you kill yourself.
  • Excessive responses are also covered by this. Caving in someone's skull for cutting in line, stabbing yourself in the eye with a screwdriver because you are bored, or jumping out an airlock because you're sad, are all examples of being excessive.

Do not powergame

  • Better known as 'playing to win'. As a security person this can be seen as going out of your way and needlessly endangering others to ‘win against’ criminals. As the station AI exploiting loopholes in your laws to get yourself out of them or getting the person who subverted you into trouble is another way. There is an implicit allowance for lawed characters to ERP. You may create loopholes for this reason only.
  • While this shares several things in common with other rules, it still is it's own entity. Play to have fun, allow yourself to lose now and again and roll with the blows as it can make things potentially even more interesting.
  • Having way too many skills for one character is another example of this. Just because you're the Colony Director and have access to everywhere doesn't mean you should (or can) know how to do all the different jobs. (See Character Creation regarding skills for more information.)

Do not ‘Self-Antag’

Do not be hostile to other crew for no legitimate reason. Don’t break things, steal things, or do other antagonistic stuff just because you’re bored, it's the end of the round, you “want to give Security something to do”, etc. If you're going to be an asshole, have a believable reason why you're being an asshole. Think about how a normal person would behave under similar circumstances. Remember that if you are selected to be an antagonist-type role, it does give you some wiggle room than usual as far as the server rules go, but it does not give you permission to break any rules. Stick to your objectives, don't be over-the-top and ruining everyone else's fun if you can avoid it. Ask for admin help if you're not sure.

Make sure you do your assigned job

When your character joins the round, you are accepting the responsibilities that the job you have chosen brings with it Remember: if you are playing in a slot, you are likely preventing other players from performing that role. It is important that you fulfill the tasks that you have signed up for!

Should you join as a head of staff, you accept you'll be held to higher job standards than other crew due to the authority, responsibilities, and limited slots of said positions. When a vital job duty crops up, responsibility ultimately falls on you to ensure it is fulfilled. What this means is should such a duty be ignored in a well-staffed department, you will be held accountable . While you may delegate tasks to others in your department, you will be expected to pause roleplays and address the issue should nobody else do so.

  • We reserve the right to ban players from jobs who repeatedly fail to perform to an acceptable standard until we're confident that they will be able to perform the job in question.
  • Do not do other people’s jobs. If you joined as medical, do not attempt to hunt down criminals. If you joined as engineering, do not attempt to perform medical treatment on your coworkers. If you are a head position, allow your staff to do work before you do the work yourself; you are a supervisor and manager first and foremost as a head position.
  • Do not hijack other people's jobs. For example, if you're a chemist but someone needs surgery, and there's already a surgeon who isn't currently busy, then don't perform the surgery instead of letting them do it.
  • Playing jobs that can be called upon at any time to assist other crew members in emergencies waives your right to have interruption-free (E)RP sessions in private, even if you are in the dorms, you are required to put your scene on hold.
  • You are expected to obey the chain of command (within reason)
  • The Colony Director is the station's boss, so listen to them. Likewise, you should obey your department's Head of Staff unless directly overridden by the Colony Director.
  • If you consistently do not follow reasonable orders, you will be job banned.

Permitted character disability is covered under the NanoTrasen Disability Policy.

AI must obey laws

If you're playing a role that has AI laws, you must obey these rules first and foremost to the best of your ability. This includes even disobeying Central Command staff if your AI laws are in conflict with the orders given. (Note you can disregard AI laws when vore is the goal of disobeying them, but it's usually more immersive to play this off as glitches or by finding loopholes that allow you to eat people.)

  • As any role without AI laws, you can disobey orders you think are traitorous, harmful, immoral, or violating Corporate Regulation. Use your judgement and consider whether or not disobeying the order could get you in trouble or get someone else horribly killed.
  • If you are given an order or AI law that may break another server rule, please alert the admins for a second opinion before continuing.

Keep in mind. this is not a rule that lets people be fun police as heads of staff. If you feel that someone is ordering you do things that basically require you not to do your job, or to do your job in ways that aren't fun, then contact an admin for a second opinion.

Memories of unwilling deaths are imperfect

You are expected to forget events leading up to an unwilling death UNLESS if it was LOOC consensual between ALL parties involved in the situation. Non-contiguous memory disorder (or Non-Con Disorder for short) is the in-character explanation for your character losing memories of recent events leading up to their death. You should not remember how you died, or who killed you.

Exceptions for this is a scenario where both prey and pred consented in LOOC to gurgles and remembering it.

The purpose of the rules is to preserve a fun and enjoyable environment for all players

If everyone is enjoying themselves even while the ‘letter’ of a rule is not being followed, it’s likely that no staff intervention will be required. On the other hand, just because something isn't in the rules doesn't mean it's okay or allowed if it's upsetting a large number of players.

It is within admin staff's discretion to decide that certain actions violate one or more rules, even if the specific action is not listed as part of the rule. This is simply the job of the staff to interpret the rules. You can appeal decisions to other admins if you believe one has a bias against you, but doing so to more than three staff members will be considered harassment.

Plenty of rules are left vague enough to cover as much as possible without being too oppressing. Attempting to rules-lawyer saying that "this rule doesn't specifically say I can't do X", even if what you are doing is disrupting the server, will generally be ignored. We assume most of you have enough common sense to recognize what a sane and stable individual would and wouldn't do within this fictional setting.

Listen to admin staff

One admin's word is usually as good as any other. For example, just because the Server Host says it's okay to do something one moment doesn't mean you can still do it when a Trial Admin later tells you to stop.

If this causes a contradiction, you can (and should) inform the new admin of what you were told previously. For example, a Head Admin says you can do something, but that admin has left the server. A lower ranked admin shows up and asks you to stop doing that thing. You can explain that the Head Admin previously said you could do this, but if the lower ranked admin still wants you to stop, then you should stop. (This obviously works vise-versa as well.) Intentionally not telling a new admin about a contradiction is considered lying. It's like asking your mom for ice cream, but she says no, so you go ask dad because you think he'll be less strict.

CHOMPstation is not a democracy

Our rules and guidelines exist for a reason and we have staff dedicated to enforcing them and help set further guidelines if necessary. However, these rules are always going to be incomplete, and as such, just because something isn't written doesn't mean it's allowed. If a staff member tells you to do something, do it.

They tell you to stop, then stop. If you disagree with a ruling, don't try to argue it then and there, especially if things are hectic. Once things have calmed down, or preferably after the round has ended, you can try to contact the staff member privately to discuss the ruling, or talk to another admin if you cannot talk to or cannot convince the offending admin.

You can talk to up to three other admins. If all of them are unanimous in their decision, you are probably in the wrong and should give up. If you do not, it will be considered harassment.

If you have a question over something unclear or questionable, never be afraid to adminhelp. The staff on hand should discuss it among themselves and give you a ruling, from there on if the ruling is in bad judgement, it's on the admin who cleared it, not you. The staff should also NEVER ban you purely for a complaint against them. Even if you're a complete asshole about it, as long as the argument stays private, you cannot be banned just for arguing. Although being an asshole usually won't win an argument, so you probably shouldn't do that anyway.

Don't confuse this for "complaining grants you immunity to bans", because that's not how it works. If you are told to not break windows and you complain how that isn't fair, you're still getting banned for breaking windows if we disagree with your complaint. What this means is we won't ban you or make an existing ban worse just because you tell us we're being excessively mean, confusing, or unfair to you or someone else.