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  • Once the game is about to start, jobs are assigned to players. [[Category:Game Resources]][[Category:Guides]]
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  • There are 4 types of objects in the game: *'''Objects''' - machines, doors, items and anything else in the game,
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  • .... When new content is added, or when you see that a particular part of the game is missing an article, you can [[Special:Search|search for it]] to see if a [[Category:Guides]] [[Category:Game Resources]]
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  • Naming your character is a very important thing. You literally can't play the game without entering a name. Names (In most cases) are required to be a first n ..., and will help you think of something to answer when in a conversation in game. They will also be handy when filling out your character records, particula
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  • ...enforce server rules and behaviour. They have powers designed to keep the game fun for everyone. Listening to them is a good idea. Can refer to the [[Blob]] game mode, or the Blob that spawns in Blob mode and sometimes in random events.
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  • ...ith the extension ".dm". It is intended for the writing and editing of the game code. ...guage. Please note that by object here i do not mean an item or machine in-game. For this intro alone i will speak of objects as I'll define them here.
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  • ...d' for behavior to do with an [[AI]] player controlling an item. The term 'Game controlled' is used when refering to behavior which the script itself deter mob] - an object with life, be it game controlled or player controlled.
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  • Use these on external tiles (to prevent lag when the game starts) and chambers that will require gas mixing (toxins mix chamber/ furn ...t. Large rooms may require multiple APCs to prevent power outages early in game. Second, make sure to place equipment that make sense for the area (securit
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  • ...erritorial, economic and commercial rights of nations to the ocean and its resources. The Law of the Sea also provided controls on marine pollution, transit rig ...racter being [[Permanent Death|temporarily or permanently removed from the game]]. However, there's so few chances for you to even ''attempt'' to break the
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  • ...unique language, that they can naturally speak and understand. Use this in game by typing '''say #o''' or over radio with '''say ";#o''' ...Their entrance into the afterlife is jeopardized, as without the important resources and training provided within the clan structure, Unbound must push themselv
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  • *Tajaran can speak a unique language of Siik. Use this in game by using ,j ...the Goldilocks Zone, leading to lower surface temperatures. It is rich on resources to the point where it is theorized that the planet was originally two and t
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  • * Skrell have their own language which can be used in game by typing <code>#k</code> them as they need the City-States to provide them with new workers and resources. Private manufacturing groups (even human corporations) also have a part to
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  • ...stry off-world. It also provides some alleviation to the strain on Earth's resources and environment. * '''2080:''' The UEG's nations pool together their resources to colonize Luna, Mars, and a handful of other sites in the Sol system, inc
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