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If you want to take a look at this page while editing, you can click on [Editing help] down beside the buttons. Especially handy if you want to look up a template.

Style Guide for BS12 Wiki Articles

This is just a quick list of general suggestions for wiki editing guidelines, after Spectre suggested it. This is more of a meta-wiki page than an actual page.

  • Whenever possible, properly capitalize links and link names. This fits in better with how the Wiki supports article names at a software level, and proper nouns are supposed to be capitalized anyway.
  • Try not to make every reference to a wiki article a link. The first one or two in an article is perfectly sufficient.
  • Fill out the edit summary comment to let people know what changes you've made.
  • We try to keep the wiki semi-serious. Making things entertaining to read is key, but we don't really need jokes everywhere.
  • Keep on subject. Try to keep articles related to the title. If you feel like you're going off on a tangent, try linking to a new article.
  • For fluff pages, "NanoTrasen" is typically spelled with two capital letters.
  • Avoid double redirects wherever possible. A double redirect is when a page redirects you to another redirect page. To avoid infinite loops, MediaWiki does not redirect the user more than once at a time and double redirects become annoying because of it.
  • Add more suggestions here

Templates and Categories

Here is a list of all Categories and the important Templates we are using. If you make one, add it to the list (some templates automatically add categories to an article if you use them).

  • Templates
  • Categories (Note: Some Categories redirect to a wikipage. To get to the Category, click on the reference below the pagename)

Please read the description in every category and add it to an article where appropriate.

Revision Templates

These templates are used to mark pages with special conditions (such as a work in progress, an outdated page, etc.)

Image Uploads

In general, uploaded images should be clear and relevant to the content on the wiki. Ideally, you should only upload an image if you intend to use that image on a wiki page and if a suitable image doesn't already exist.

  • If you want to upload an image, check first if there is an older version of the image already in the wiki. If there is, update it. That will automatically do everything else for you. And it keeps the wiki tidy.
  • When uploading images, try to use GIF or PNG format. These formats are lossless compression formats, unlike JPEG, and are not huge, unlike BMP.
  • Ensure images have a transparent background where applicable, especially if you want to use that image with a template that has a colored background.