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Unknown Planet.png
Name: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Mass: Unknown
Radius: Unknown
Rotational Period: Unknown
Gravity: Unknown
Distance from Star: Unknown
Orbital Period: Unknown
Orbiting Bodies: Unknown
Surface Pressure: Unknown
Surface Temperature: Unknown
Ruling Bodies: Unknown
Population: Unknown

This template works identically to Template:PlanetInfo but shifted to the right of the page.

Meaning of parameters

img is the image of the planet.
name is the name of the planet.
class is the planet's type.
mass is the planet's mass.
radius is the planet's radius.
rotation is the planet's rotational period.
gravity is the planet's gravitational strength.
distance is the planet's distance from its star.
period is the planet's orbital period.
obit is the planet's orbiting bodies, if any.
pressure is the planet's surface pressure.
temperature is the planet's surface temperature.
ruling_bodies is the planet's owners/government.
population is the planet's total permanent population.


Example of the finished product. Check the source code for the code that generated the thing below. Please document any changes you make to the template code in the parameters and usage sections

Planet Sif.png
Name: Sif
Class: Planet
Mass: 0.89 Earths
Radius: 6'331 km (~1 Earths)
Rotational Period: 1.36 Terran days.
Gravity: 8.85 m/s2 (0.9 Earths)
Distance from Star: 3.55 AU
Orbital Period: 4.97 Earth years
Orbiting Bodies: None
Surface Pressure: 92.6 kPa
Surface Temperature: ~3.5 C
Ruling Bodies: Vir Governmental Authority, SolGov
Population: 47'582'000