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Unknown Planet.png
Name: Unknown
Type: Unknown
Spectral: Unknown
Mass: Unknown
Diameter: Unknown
Temperature: Unknown
Luminosity: Unknown
Age: Unknown

This template is intended to provide basic information about the stars of notable star systems. If you want to make the template stay to the right of the screen, use Template:RightSystemBox.

Meaning of parameters

img is the image of the system's star.
name is the name of the system and star.
type is the star's sequence type.
spectral is the star's spectral type.
mass is the mass of the star in Solar masses.
diameter is the size of the star in Solar diameters.
temp is the star's temperature in Kelvin.
lumin is the star's brightness in Solar luminosity
age is the star's age


Example of the finished product. Check the source code for the code that generated the thing below. Please document any changes you make to the template code in the parameters and usage sections

System Vir.png
Name: Vir
Type: White Main Sequence
Spectral: A9V
Mass: 1.81 M☉
Diameter: 1.34 D☉
Temperature: 2,485 K
Luminosity: 8.875 L☉
Age: 100~380 × 106 years