Aether Atmospherics and Recycling

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"It is at this time, we must realize, the folly of our ways on Earth. Since the first industrial revolution we have taken and squandered the resources of our planet. We have let Earth grow to have a layer of haze, while the seeds planted for us are almost all dug up, crushed, and put back in the ground to rot. It is at this time, we must look to the stars, and remember those follies. Never again shall we waste as we have, and breath the air we have had to. We are at the dawn of a new, cleaner age." -Arthur Greyson, Founder of Aether Atmospherics and Recycling


The Foundations

With the economic crashes of Earth, some of the initial investors of the colonies on Luna and Mars stepped forward to take control, and make strives towards self-sustainability. One of these individuals was Arthur Greyson, CEO of Expansive Visions Transportation. With is involvement and high profits from assistance of moving colonists to Luna, he sought to move his assets to assist with the stabilization of the colonies. With few more colonists moving to Luna, Expansive Visions used their shuttles to instead bring back air to the Luna colonies, as their engineers worked to design a superior, and more efficient filtration and recycling system. Their pushes sustained the Luna colony, and this technology was then spread to the Mars colonies after the formation of Sol Central. With the change of direction of the company, Arthur changed the name to Aether Atmospherics and Recycling.

The Expansions

After the stabilization of the colonies, Aether set it's eyes to new means of profit, with the production of life support systems, gas distribution, and restoration and reselling of recycled goods. With the remaining saved assets of Aether, they put focus on mass distribution of atmospheric sustainability to prospective colonies, and reuse of all materials used, and progress towards removing and containing a majority of the physical and gas waste of the colonies. In association with this, many green movements gave their backing and even monetary funding to Aether, which allowed them to follow many of the new colonial expansions of humanity, and be the centerpiece to all atmospheric means throughout Sol.

With the expansion of the Sol system complete, Aether was now the primary provider of all atmospheric needs of the colonies united under Sol Central. While Humanity started to spread it's wings beyond the Sol system, Aether focused it's efforts to the maintaining and improvement of Sol's systems.

Beyond Sol

With the dawn of the 24th century, Aether resumed it's expansion attempts, and attempted to spread their atmospheric efforts to more colonies in Sol. Along with this push came Aether's rise into a major Trans-Stellar Corporation. With their refined technologies, they were able to improve a vast number of the life support systems of the other human colonies formed. With these came employed maintenance to these technologies managed by Aether.

Modern Day

Currently Aether is the prime maintainer and provider of atmospherics systems across both the many ships that navigate the vast expanses of space, and the life support on current and future human colonies. The byproducts from the filtration of atmospheres across the galaxy are then resold for a variety of uses to those willing to buy. With the nature of their services, most work they do is contracted for construction of these systems, or staffing to maintain them for colonies across human space.