List of Trans-Stellar Corporations

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Trans-stellar corporations are large, multi-billion Thaler companies whose influence spread over multiple star systems. In some cases, these corporations have enough in power and assets to nearly be considered government forces of their own. The largest seven trans-stellar corporations (known colloquially as the "Big 7") are listed below.


A high-tech research company with a majority holding on phoron claims throughout the galaxy.

Ward-Takahashi GMB

A manufacturing company that produces everything from consumer electronics, like PDAs and laptop computers, to home appliances and other miscellaneous items.

Gilthari Exports

A large producer of luxury and alcoholic goods based out of their headquarters on Mars.

Grayson Manufactories Ltd.

A mining company that serves as one of the largest providers of raw materials in known space. Recently, it has also begun to sell generic assembly materials for use in construction projects (metal beams, lattice, coils, etc.)

Aether Atmospherics and Recycling

An atmospherics and recycling company based in the Sol system.

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical company renown for its recent advancements in medicine and questionable business practices.

Hephaestus Industries

A renown arms manufacturing and general security equipment company. Commonly known as the first trans-stellar to develop after the formation of Sol Central.